North Torrey Pines Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit

The historic North Torrey Pines Road Bridge was constructed in 1933 in Del Mar, CA located in south San Diego County. Being right on the coastline the structure was subjected to over 70 years of harsh conditions and the salty sea air. The bridge had become extremely corroded and a lot of damage to the infrastructure had occurred over time. The bridge was not structurally sound, and had scored low on seismic and structural stability. In the event of an earthquake the bridge would most likely crumble. A rehabilitation was crucial in order to continue to keep the bridge intact and up to safety standards.

It was important to keep as much of the original look and structure while preserving the historic bridge. The challenge was to keep the aesthetic integrity of the bridge in tact while making it strong enough to withstand an earthquake. The Fitzgerald team visited the bridge and made several impressions using a Poyo putty of the board form pattern used in the original construction of the bridge. Our design team took the impressions to create an identically matching formliner pattern, seen in the photos above.Continue reading

Lindero Canyon Road, Highway 101- Westlake Village, CA.

In 2012, Fitzgerald Formliners had the opportunity to work with Palm Desert, CA artist Joe Wertheimer to create 8 feet tall forms for a completely customized mural. The mural, the first attempt to create a full relief across a major US highway in California, was commissioned by the City of Westlake Village in 2012. The goal of the project was to improve pedestrian access across the busy interstate and bring some beauty to the otherwise dull drive.

The design team at Fitzgerald Formliners assisted Mr. Wertheimer by creating GrayLastic Urethane Molds off his foam sculptures. The sculptures were originally crafted in ABS Foam Material by the artist and given to the FF team to cast a mold out of a rubberlike material called Urethane. The mural was done in several panels which required precise engineering and design to create each individual panel.Continue reading