BrickMaster™ Thin Brick System from Fitzgerald Formliners

Design on a Creative Canvas

Fitzgerald is well known for our innovative engineering solutions and quality form liner products. The BrickMaster Thin Brick Systems are no exception. You can achieve the enduring beauty and durability of a regular brick building without compromising quality or aesthetics. Applications are as endless as the imagination and range from office buildings, parking structures, retail facilities, sports complexes and more.

Why Use Thin Brick?

Thin brick is a fired clay tile that offers the rich look of a regular brick, but at a fraction of the cost. Thin brick technology offers the following benefits:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Substantial savings on labor and material
  • Panel construction and installation time is greatly reduced
  • Foundations and structural members may be downsized due to reduced weight
  • Buildings using thin brick concrete panels lend themselves to incorporate more earthquake proof features than traditional masonry
  • Thin brick has an excellent freeze/thaw performance rating and is less susceptible to efflorescence than regular brick masonry

Fitzgerald offers a large variety of mixed patterns that are engineered to work seamlessly with one another. Common examples are soldier course patterns, which are available in both offset and aligned patterns.

Our in-house staff is happy to assist you with any technical or installation questions. Let Fitzgerald help you put your ideas in place.


BrickMaster™ Single-Use Thin Brick System For Tilt-Up and Precast Applications

Our Single-Use Gaskets are designed for both tilt-up and precast applications. Flexibility of the gasket adjusts to variations in brick sizes, virtually eliminating the need for grinding, and allows your choice of brick from any manufacturer.

Advantages of using single-use gaskets:

  • Gasket panels overlap so there are no butt joints between the panels
  • Designing with colored bricks is simple — just mark the pattern on the gasket
  • Concrete does not bond to our liners, so the sheets strip easily
  • No seams in the grout lines
  • The liner creates a barrier between the concrete and the slab, thus reducing the cost of after-care cleanup

Our single use BrickMaster gasket system will provide you with the most economical and efficient way to add a brick veneer to a tilt-up or precast structure. Labor savings are a fraction of the cost of other systems: no more sacking and patching, reduced stripping costs, reduced concrete leakage and virtually seamless grout lines.

Our interlocking panels allow for faster assembly, especially with multi-color layouts and designs. It provides a barrier between the concrete and the slab and can be easily trimmed to fit with a utility knife or a pair of scissors.

Unlike other products on the market, the BrickMaster single use gasket was designed so the brick will sit flat in the cavity to inhibit the problems caused from floating bricks. Plus, the gasket panels are fabricated from the highest grade plastic which eliminates the brittleness associated with other systems.

All universal patterns are offered including Running Bond, Stacked Bond, Soldier Course and 1/3 Running Bond. Custom patterns can also be manufactured.