17035 Large Cut Stone, 18"H. course - Random stacked field stone

Elastomeric Urethane - Up to 100 uses.
Mold-bonded to 0.75" plywood. Add 1.125" to liner thickness.

Max Depth: 4.750"
Stone Size: 48" W x 17" H

Part Size: 
96" W x 36" H

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17035LP Large Cut Stone - Random Stacked Field Stone

Styrene - Single Use.

Max Depth: 4.750"
Block Size: 47"W x 17"H

Part Coverage: 
96"W x 36"H (24 ft²)
Part Size:
120.090"W x 36.090"H
Mortar Joints:
1" Horizontal 1" Vertical

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