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Project Highlight: Avenida de Mesilla I-10 Interchange



Fitzgerald Formliners Project Highlight: Avenida de Mesilla Retaining Wall Bridge Abutment

In 2014, Fitzgerald Formliners worked with New Mexico artist Karen Yank to help her realize her vision for the I-10 Interchange improvements in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, collaborated with New Mexico Dept of Transportation to beautify the I-10 freeway for commuters and tourists using imagery depicting the history and culture of New Mexico.

Avenida de Mesilla


Working closely with the artist to bring her idea into reality, our in-house engineering team helped Karen to create a liner with textures to best preserve her original concept. Using custom GrayLastic Urethane panels to create the texture and design desired, the project was completed in 2014. GrayLastic formliners provide maximum design latitude for  cast-in-place applications such as the one for the Avenida de Mesilla Retaining Wall Bridge Abutment. Re-usable and economical, this material is an excellent choice for applications that require an extended, multi-use form liner. Manufactured from 100% polyurethane, GrayLastic elastomeric formliners are easily attached to most concrete forming systems. The beauty of GrayLastic is that it accurately reproduce virtually any design; from a wooden plank to a masonry look or a completely custom design such.

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