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Customer Testimonial: Wildish Building Company

Posted November 22, 2013 by Admin

Customer Testimonial: Wildish Building Company

“With excellent customer service, attractive price options and quick response times Fitzgerald Formliners was the obvious choice for our project needs.”     – Wildish Representative The Goal: Create a custom form liner design for a cast in place waste water treatment plant in Coquille, OR. The Form Liner:  A heavy duty, durable liner that would not deflect under the extreme concrete pressure was required to accommodate the varying depths in texture for this project, because of this the Graylastic Elastomeric Urethane form liner bonded to ¾” plywood was selected The Results: A clean design, with all match points lining up from panel to panel, thus bringing the architects vision to life.   * The images above represent the beginning stages of the project and the final results. ...

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